Do you think quality castings is an oxymoron?  Have you been told that there are too many variables in the foundry to control?  That metalcasting is an art, not a science?  We will help you take the mystery out of castings.   If you make castings, read on.
If you use castings, click

     Using our knowledge of foundries and the processes used in foundries, we will:

Ÿ  show you what data to collect
Ÿ  explain why to collect it
Ÿ  develop the mechanisms and processes to collect it.
Ÿ  work with you to develop the necessary testing to improve the process

Using the information gathered, we will help you stabilize your processes by:

Ÿ  showing you how to apply SPC where it is needed to control the process
Ÿ  train your employees to perform the SPC  testing
Ÿ  make the changes necessary to improve those processes.

     We will review your processes and procedures and make recommendations to reduce or eliminate:

Ÿ  misrun
Ÿ  inclusions
Ÿ  core breakage
Ÿ  scabs
Ÿ  metal penetration

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