Every facility is unique, regardless of how much effort has been spent trying to make them the same.  But, processes all have certain    similarities.  All   processes have inputs, energy spent on these inputs, and outputs.   

     It is the understanding of the process that allows for the control and improvement necessary to positively impact the bottom line. 

     Your processes are the basic building blocks of your facility.  They are the "how" you do what you do.

      When you have the process
written down you have a good chance of training everyone to do the same thing in the same way.

identifying and prioritizing the variables in the process, determining how to test for these variables and then assigning the expected values to the       variables you have a basis for control.

     Training the operators to monitor, analyze, and respond to the variables is the actual

     Once you have the process documented and the controls working, you can begin the
improvement process.

     Selecting the right tool for the job, and knowing what the data is saying are important for                  improvement.

     Once you have identified a beneficial change, implementing the change and monitoring to insure the gains are realized and maintained is  essential.

     DS&D Cast Solutions, Inc. has expertise in process.  To make your facility function more effectively and efficiently we are prepared to offer assistance on
Documentation, Training,  Control, and Improvement of your processes.

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